Burmese American Community Institute
Mission & Objectives

Our Mission:

To build a thriving, self-sufficient, sustainable and integrated Burmese Community in Indianapolis through advocacy, education, and employment

Our Objectives:

  • To advocate for the community and individual needs of the Burmese refugees and to expand community knowledge and understanding through media, community forums, meetings, volunteer opportunities etc, further enhancing cultural integration into the Indianapolis community
  • To assist the Burmese refugee community in Indianapolis by building bridges between the refugee communities and community resources in employment, education and other basic services in order to enhance services to refugees
  • To create and foster long-term community growth and build a sustainable Burmese community in Indianapolis by expanding services offered and filling in the gap, increasing college enrollment rate for the refugee high school graduates, increasing skilled position job placement, contributing to and be a part of the rich Hoosier community in the long run
  • To collaborate with stakeholders in Indianapolis including government, refugee resettlement agencies, educational institutions, churches and other organizations in addressing the needs of the growing Burmese community

At BACI, we maintain a high standard of accountability and transparency with the use of grants and gifts our donors entrust to us. We are always trying to keep our overhead rate low. In the past year, we used 95 percent of our total operating expenses towards programs that directly benefit students and community.

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