Burmese American Community Institute
BACI Educational Institution

BACI Educational Institution

Under its educational institution, BACI has developed and implemented the following programs:

  1. Upward College Program for HSS
  2. Upward College Program for Adults
  3. Upward College Summer Scholars Program
  4. College Persistence and Career Counseling Program
  5. Civic and Culture Education Program
  6. Childcare Microenterprise Development Program
  7. English for The Workplace Program
  8. INDY (Inform, Navigate, Direct You) Program
  • Special Projects on the issues and topic such as Health Fair, Financial Literacy Classes etc.


BACI is recruiting volunteers and qualified interns to assist these students participating in the above programs. If you would like to know more about our programs, or are interested in other volunteer opportunities, please complete the online volunteer form at BACI website: http://www.baci- indy.org/volunteer-opportunities or email us at: volunteer@baci-indy.org.


At BACI, we maintain a high standard of accountability and transparency with the use of grants and gifts our donors entrust to us. We are always trying to keep our overhead rate low. In the past year, we used 95 percent of our total operating expenses towards programs that directly benefit students and community.

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