Burmese American Community Institute

Approximately 15,000 refugees from Burma have become a growing part of the Indianapolis community in recent years. They are now part of the Hoosier community. They have high potential to contribute not only to their own community development by being self-sufficient, but also to Indiana’s long- term economic growth. However, this can only be possible if they have the proper means and access to the right resources.

BACI has established the Employment Program as one of its main programs to effectively tackle this issue. In doing so, we seek and welcome collaboration from employers, training services providers and stakeholders in assisting us as we serve this population. BACI’s end goal is enhancing the long-term community growth and economic self-sufficiency of the Burmese refugee population.

With this program, BACI focuses on advocating for and assisting the refugees with their sustainable employability, skilled position placements, and career paths, which will contribute to their long-term community investment. We aim to provide, connect, and refer the refugees to the appropriate resources.

BACI is willing to assist refugees wanting to explore self-employment. BACI with its partners helps refugees acquire licenses and prepare them in exploring their dream business.

Whether you would like to provide training or you are a potential employer who is interested in leveraging a diverse workforce and would like to benefit from such talented and hard-working refugee employees, BACI is willing to work with you and assist your company find the right individual for you.

Please contact us at: employment@baci-indy.org.


At BACI, we maintain a high standard of accountability and transparency with the use of grants and gifts our donors entrust to us. We are always trying to keep our overhead rate low. In the past year, we used 95 percent of our total operating expenses towards programs that directly benefit students and community.

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