Burmese American Community Institute
Programs Overview

BACI currently operates in three areas:

1. Advocacy

At BACI, we believe that to successfully integrate into a new community while maintaining one’s own cultural identity, the Burmese refugee and the American communities both need to educate each other and respect each other’s cultural norms.

BACI advocates for the Burmese refugee community as well as their individual needs, and hopes to expand the local community’s knowledge and understanding of the Burmese population, further enhancing the refugees’ integration into the Indianapolis community.

In addition, BACI collaboratively host and facilitate neighborhood forums for voicing concerns in hopes of furthering cultural understanding between the Burmese refugee and the local Indianapolis community.

2. BACI Educational Institution

Under its educational institution, BACI has designed and implemented several programs:

BACI is recruiting volunteers and qualified interns to assist with the programs implementations. If you would like to know more about our programs, or are interested in other volunteer opportunities, please complete the online volunteer form at BACI website: http://www.baci- indy.org/volunteer-opportunities or email us at: volunteer@baci-indy.org.

3. Employment

BACI is willing to assist refugees wanting to explore self-employment. BACI with its partners helps refugees acquire licenses and prepare them in exploring their dream business.

Whether you would like to provide training or you are a potential employer who is interested in leveraging a diverse workforce and would like to benefit from such talented and hard-working refugee employees, BACI is willing to work with you and assist your company find the right individual for you.

Please contact us at: employment@baci-indy.org.



At BACI, we maintain a high standard of accountability and transparency with the use of grants and gifts our donors entrust to us. We are always trying to keep our overhead rate low. In the past year, we used 95 percent of our total operating expenses towards programs that directly benefit students and community.

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