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The Burmese Population in The U.S. Reaches Over 300,000, College Enrollment Rate Rising
Published on Wednesday, August 3, 2016 by

College-going Rate Among Burmese-Americans Increases 83 Percent in Four Years.

INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 3, 2016 – A Burmese American Community Institute (BACI) study finds the college going rate among Burmese-Americans to have increased 83 percent in four years.

The researchers with the BACI Upward College Scholars program conducted a study and found that the college going rate among the Burmese has increased from 43 percent in 2012 to 80 percent in 2016, which makes an 83 percent rise in the past four years.

“We are pleased to see the continued rising number of students who are planning to attend college,” said Lian Sang, director of the Institute’s Upward College Program.

Though the demographic of the study primarily covers Central Indiana, the researchers noted that the finding could perhaps be generalized for the United States nationally, given similarities and commonalities in the Burmese community.

The study also shows that 162,065 Burmese refugees have been admitted to the United States since 2000. Over 22,000 Burmese reside in Indiana and approximately 15,000 have made Indianapolis their new home. The overall Burmese population in the U.S. has also reached above 300,000 and the community has been consistently maintaining the college persistence rate of 95 percent for the past three years among the Burmese-American enrolled at U.S. colleges and universities.

Mr. Elaisa Vahnie, executive director of the BACI, said the community is always appreciative of the hospitality of the American people so that they can start a new live in America.

“We deeply value the American tradition of welcoming refugees from around the world and the U.S. government’s legal and policy arrangement for their long term protection. And we remain committed to collaboratively working with our partners and assisting the newcomers to become economically self-sufficient and integrated into society through education so that they are productive and contributing citizens. Everyone can dream the American dream here in the land of opportunity,” Vahnie said.

Dr. Ro Dinga, Chair of BACI thanked the organization supporters and invite the community to keep coming together for the betterment of the society. “I am delighted to see the outcome and impact of the BACI advocacy and service, and at the same time, we invite everyone to get involved and support in furthering the mission and vision of the Institute, which is “Education for All, A Stronger Community”. Let us continue working together,” he said.

More than 100 stakeholders and leaders representing various academic institutions, government agencies, and non-profit organizations attended the 5th Annual Research Presentation. The areas of study also included: civic participation, which investigated community understanding of the U.S. political system and participation; social media and its impact on society; and cultural integration and its importance.

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The Burmese American Community Institute is a non-profit organization founded in 2011 that provides educational and vocational support to the Burmese community in greater Indianapolis. The BACI supports community members regionally, nationally, and globally through strategic partnerships and advocacy. Since its inception, the BACI has assisted more than 4,000 individuals.

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